Saturday, 20 November 2010

Reflective Coda

Without intending to, I seem to have started to add a coda to my "Mirrors, Windows, Walls" series, which I thought I had finished with/off some while ago. Actually, this is quite useful, as I never got round to sequencing those images into a proper final book, and there's nothing quite like rediscovering the original impulse behind a set of images for motivating you to look at them with fresh eyes, and finally do something substantial with them.


Sean Bentley said...

That first one is really intriguing - what in tarnation?

Mike C. said...


Well, that one's a bit of an object lesson in the difference between a picture made "of" something and a picture made "from" something. (It's also why I keep attracting the attention of the campus security people...)

I don't think I will say exactly what it is "of", however, as its mystery is part of its point, and I don't want to spoil the trick for you, as it were ("Well, I actually dropped the watch down my sleeve before I set fire to your hat" ...).