My Exhibitions & Publications

Solo Exhibitions since 2000:

A Tourist from Mars, June-July 2014, Fotoforum West, Innsbruck, Austria
The Revenants, March-May 2010, Kunstraum Mitterhofer, Innichen, Italy
Der Widergänger, September-October 2009, Fotoforum West, Innsbruck, Austria
Dry Light, November 2004- September 2005, Hartley Library, University of Southampton, UK
The Colour of the Water, March 2003-November 2004, Mottisfont Abbey, Romsey, UK
Pentagonal Pool, April-May 2001, Southern Arts Fotonet-South, Oxford, UK

Group Exhibitions since 2000:

Bath Society of Artists Open 2021 (one print) 2nd October-20th November, Bath, UK
Evolver Prize Exhibition (one print) 6th January-6th March 2021 (online due to Covid-19)
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019 (two prints shortlisted but not hung)
Pure Arts Autumn Art Fair, 6-14 October 2018, Powdermills Hotel, Battle UK (four prints)
Broadway Arts Festival, Little Buckland Gallery, 8-17 June 2018 (three prints)
Print and Process, March-June 2018, Special Collections Gallery, Hartley Library, Southampton, UK (two books)
Royal West of England Academy Open 2017 (two prints, selected but not hung)
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2017 (two prints), 13 June-20 August, London
Art of the Book: journals then and now, February-May 2010, Gallery 210, University of Missouri-St.Louis, USA
Open 05, Dec 3 2005- 19 Feb 2006, Artsway, Sway, UK
Artist's Books: Return of the Gloved Hand, Feb-March 2004, Winchester Gallery, UK
View, Dec 2003-Feb 2004, ArtSway, Sway, UK
The Land, Dec 2002-Jan 2003, ArtSway, Sway, UK
Forest, Jan 2002 - Southern Arts Touring Exhibition Service, 2003-5, Winchester Gallery, UK
Animal, Dec 2001-Jan 2002, ArtSway, Sway, UK
Quite Refined : photography showcase, June-August 2001, Beatrice Royal Gallery, Eastleigh, UK

Publications since 2000:

The Proverbs of Hell (Blurb, 2021)
Let's Get Lost: an illuminated selection (Shepherd's Crown, 2020 ISBN 978-0-95-442738-2)
Let's Get Lost (Blurb, 2020)
Pentagonal Pool (Revised ed., Blurb, 2020)
Byrne & Swinton's Guide to Edinburgh (Blurb, 2020)
Selections from Idiotic Hat 2 : Dreamtime (Blurb, 2020)
Selections from Idiotic Hat 1 : Music (Blurb, 2020)
Stand (Blurb, 2019)
Trine (Blurb, 2019)
Sidelights (Blurb, 2019)
A Lustrum of Calendars (Blurb, 2019)
The Guardians (Blurb, 2018)
Puck's Song: an encounter with Kipling (Blurb, 2016)
England and Nowhere (Blurb, 2016)
Crow Country (limited edition, 2015)
A Tourist From Mars (Blurb, 2014)
Elevation (Blurb, 2013)
Curriculum (Blurb, 2011)
Boundary Elements (Blurb, 2010)
White Crow Telescope (Blurb, 2010)
The Mysterious Barricades (Blurb, 2009)
Downward Skies (Shepherd's Crown, 2008 ISBN 978-0-9544273-6-8)
Pentagonal Pool (Shepherd's Crown, 2006 ISBN 0954427343)
The Revenants (Shepherd's Crown, 2006 ISBN 0954427351)
The Colour of the Water (Shepherd's Crown, 2003 ISBN 0954427300)
Forest ed. John Gillett (Southern Arts Touring Exhibition Service, 2002 ISBN 1873451466)