Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Flying Ant Day 2012

I was coming home from a check-up at the dentist around 4:45 and, as I put the key in the front door, noticed I was ankle-deep in ANTSK!

Flying ants, on our doorstep!  How, um, romantic.  Fetch me a broom...

It is overcast, warm and humid, and there has been light rain, off and on, most of the day.  Weather conditions (as observed at Solent, 16:00, Wednesday 8 August):


Pressure: 1024mb, falling

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Blog Break

Sinister marquee interior
post 60th Anniversary Staff Party

The Summer Blog Break starts here.  Still no sign of flying ants:  I'll let you know if I spot them breaking cover, otherwise I should be back around the end of September.  Have a good summer.  I'm going to be busy reading up on Linux and Oracle in preparation for a system move during August and September...  Though I'm also hoping to edit and sequence the "university windows" and "Hockley Viaduct" images into a couple of books (this time they'll be e-books).