Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ivory Tower

There were foghorns this morning out on Southampton Water, and the fog was so dense I could barely see the other side of the street as I scraped the ice off the car windscreen. The deep booming of foghorns is such an evocative sound. At midnight on New Year's Eve all the ships in harbour let them off together, and you can hear them for miles. Today, I was put in mind of the opening track "Gibraltar" on the album Black Market by Weather Report, one of my all-time favourites, and I've been humming and whistling the screechy Joe Zawinul parts all day.

By lunch time the fog had lifted, leaving a slight veil which diffused some brilliant sunshine in an interesting way. Damned if I didn't stumble across an actual ivory tower, round the back of a building I'd somehow not explored before:

I have no idea what it is, or what it's for. You have to wonder whether a princess is imprisoned in there, behind those fairy-tale windows. Then there were these spectacular specular reflections on the side of the library extension:

Very pleasing, and perhaps the best photograph I've yet taken of my own ivory tower / prison / place of work.


Martin H. said...

Can't place the ivory tower, either. Something else that has grown since my departure?

Mike C. said...

It's behind building 35, the "post / parcel store" (no, me neither), and looks like a bit of the Glasgow School of Art that has drifted into an unremarkable corner. It's clearly been there for many years.

Just goes to show that constantly wandering into odd corners pays off, even if it does attract the attention of the security staff ...