Friday, 8 December 2017

Cambrian Specs: Update

Incredibly, there was a "news" spot on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning outlining the importance of the evolution of eyes in the so-called Cambrian Explosion. I had always assumed this was an established theory, but they were interviewing a trilobite who said, "Yeah, it was incredibly important. Suddenly, we could, like, see everything around us, instead of, you know, bumping into it. It's hard to imagine, now, how mind-blowing that was at the time. Especially when your mind is just a few swollen ganglions, or whatever they're called. I mean, whoah... I'm afraid it did all become a bit of an all you can see you can eat buffet for a while down there on the sea floor... I'd put my hand up to that, sure, except I don't have any! Heh... I mean, srsly, evolution, eh?"

I think that's how it went, but admittedly I was still half asleep. But you read it here first, folks; I may change the name of the blog to Zeitgeist Hat. "Synchronicity spoken here", as we used to say.

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