Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Viaduct IV

Of course, when an object is 2,014 feet long, and consists of 33 fancy brick arches, it is quite hard to convey its presence in the landscape in a simple photograph. Sometimes it's better just to hint than to attempt to represent.

Somehow, I can feel the adjacency of this abandoned viaduct, the busy motorway cutting through Twyford Down, and the looming presence of St. Catherine's Hill with its joggers and dog walkers becoming a "subject". If nothing else, it will give me a reason for some enjoyable walks over the coming weekends.


Martin H. said...

It's the sort of country that you can pick your way through, in no ordered fashion. One of the reasons I like walking at Pepperbox Hill near Salisbury. In fact, I've sworn to walk the 'ridge' from Pepperbox to Lockerley, one of these days.

Mike C. said...

Possibly the most hazardous right turn in the South, that turn off the A36 to Pepperbox Hill... Full concentration required!


Kent Wiley said...

Nice photo, Mike. And I appreciate the new, improved resizing!

I guess there must be only so many things out there to photograph, because I seem to have come up with much the same subject not too long ago, and even used the quasi monochrome treatment as well.

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