Friday, 30 June 2017

Captain Swing

Just to mark the end of flaming June, we'll have one more fiery Whasp View – this time of the rick-burning and machine-smashing celebrations of 1830 that went under the name of Captain Swing (nothing whatsoever to do with Glenn Miller) – then I think we'll give the slightly overworked wasp theme a rest.


And, yes, I've borrowed the Ag Lab and stooks at bottom right from my man Samuel Palmer, but I've checked and he says he doesn't mind in the least.


Martin said...

Who says we learn little from social media? Captain Swing was new to me. Now I know. Thanks. More whasps later, I hope?

Mike C. said...


Like the BBC, I aim to re-educate, misinform, and entertain. Sometimes, some real stuff slips through...

As I say, I'm resting the wasps for now (almost time for their annual holiday rampage, anyway) but I like the Whasp idea, and will pick it up again, I'm sure.