Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Glorious Mud

Beneath the Portway at Sea Mills

Our new Idiotic Towers regional office, based in Bristol, is perched on a cliff above the Avon Gorge, affording magnificent views (as the estate agents say) of the woodland on the opposite side of the Gorge and, depending on the time of day, either a glittering expanse of navigable water or an equally glittering expanse of reddish mud.  This is because the lower reaches of the Avon are subject to the push and pull of the tides in the Bristol Channel, which have a huge range, apparently second only to the Bay of Fundy in Canada.

You can get right down next to the river from our windy heights by clambering down through a wooded nature reserve, running across the busy Portway trunk road, negotiating some overgrown and crumbling steps, and then walking along a riverside towpath to Sea Mills and beyond, presumably all the way to Avonmouth Docks.  On Sunday, we went as far as Sea Mills.  The tide, needless to say, was out.

Looking towards Avonmouth from Sea Mills



Kent Wiley said...

Some new territory to explore close to "home" sounds pretty exciting. Nice to hear you've located in the "view corridor".

Mike C. said...


It's odd -- we used to live in Bristol 77-84 and, obviously, many things have changed. It's also confusing (where did I leave thoe scissors??), but mainly in a good way.