Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Clever Crow

Here's a treat for fellow crow enthusiasts:

Incredible, no?  The presenter, by the way, is Chris Packham, who seems to be pulling into lead position as heir apparent to Attenborough.  Chris -- a local lad, and a graduate of Southampton University -- is a genuine and well-informed wildlife enthusiast, who first made his name as the punk-haired presenter of The Really Wild Show.

He is also a keen photographer, and...  But now I realise I'm repeating myself -- I've already written this post, two years ago!

[UPDATE: Ah...  Actually, it seems in this version Packham is not the presenter!   Never mind, it's the crow we care about!]


Zouk Delors said...

Was it Beeheart who used to say, "Watch out for them dolphins"? Dolphins got nutt'n on them crows.

I've heard of another experiment where a crow works out that the way to bring water in a deep bowl to within beak-reach is to drop stones in till the water level rises sufficiently. There's probably a video of it out there somewhere...

Mind you, there is a limit to corvine talents:

Mike C. said...

Ah, well, ravens... Like all aristocrats, they depend on crows to do the heavy lifting... (and thinking).


Kent Wiley said...

Video on the Hat! Amazing!

Mike C. said...


I know! I'm normally pretty scrupulous about only using my own stuff, but somehow the BBC feels like it belongs to everyone...


amolitor said...

I remember some doofus did a TED talk based on some gadget he had built to train crows to gather some sort of litter or maybe coins?

I remember thinking 'TED invited him to talk on that? But it could not possibly have failed, it's obvious it'll work.' and I'm not even a crow enthusiast.

That was when I realized that TED is a bunch of gee whiz crap selected by dolts.

Mike C. said...

Funny how TED has gone from hyper-hip to beneath contempt in about two years... I think they ran out of A-list guests, like a chat-show.

As to crows picking up litter, the great thing about them is they'll tackle anything, from litter-picking to brain surgery, so long as there's a decent snack at the end.