Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Yet another series of digital images is coming together, on the theme of Orpheus.  I found myself drawing crude stringed instruments, some of which resembled guitars constructed by luthiers wearing oven gloves and blindfolds, some of which had more in common with ancient radio sets than lyres.  I liked them, but felt they needed more context.

What I like about this digital collage approach is that I can finally find a use for those "end of roll" style images that speak strongly of something, but are not complete enough in themselves to stand as straight photographs.  It's a lot of fun assembling something new out of the various elements that come to hand.

I particularly like the combination of hand-drawn and photographic elements.  It seems to evoke a 1940s/1950s sensibility that lurks just below the surface of my mind.  Unsurprising, really, as -- like anyone born in the 1950s -- I grew up surrounded by that Festival of Britain aesthetic.


Martin Hodges said...

I really like these, Mike. Have shared on FB.

Mike C. said...


Thanks -- I've been testing these digital images out on various people as I go along, and these have got the biggest thumbs up by a margin (the "angels" are a bit too weird for most tastes...)


Zouk Delors said...

A Mr B. Ch*nn*r* also likes these.

Mike C. said...


Well, Mr. Channdri being an accomplished sitar player, I'm not surprised -- players of stringed instruments are bound to feel a certain affinity...

Namaste, Channdri-ji!