Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Idiotic Hat Christmas Address to the Nation

Well, there goes another year!  Where does the time go?  Nobody knows!  Thank you, and good night!

King of Christmas

We've just been battered by violent winds and torrential rain, and more is on the way.  What better excuse to batten down the hatches, put one's feet up with a good book, put a bottle of something expensive within easy reach, and try not to worry too much about the spreading wet patch on the front bedroom ceiling?  And we'll just ignore the wheelie-bins and tree debris careening up and down the street.

Best wishes for 2014 to all readers of this blog, especially to the sturdy band of participant-commenters!


Rob Fuke said...

First time I've seen a colour version of the Turin Shroud.

seany said...

Don't get too laid back we need your recollections and observations to help us through another year,
Thanks and regards for all the words of wisdom throughout 2013.

Debra Morris said...

Not enjoying the sturdy there.....except that it ensures the capability of withstanding the mighty blasts of those sou'westerlies! Keep at it, squire.....from the anarchy syndicalist tendencies.

Huw said...

The Turin Shroud? I thought a sneaky shot of Santa - Mike's moving away from abstract 'found' images to undercover reportage.


Martin Hodges said...

Peace and red frills to all men! Every good wish for 2014. Be sure no one discovers your escape tunnel.