Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tree Encounters

Three very different encounters with trees and autumn light from today; just after dawn, mid-morning, and early afternoon. The yellow spire in the middle one is not a church, but a spectacular gingko tree, seen through the mulberry tree outside my office window.


Poetry24 said...

I had occasion to walk past the old mulberry tree, this evening. Did it yield much fruit this year?

Mike C. said...

Hard to say, the pigeons get stuck in early on, and then flocks of Chinese students (who know it for what it is on sight) gorge themselves silly under my window...

They do a good service, though -- everyone else walks through the berries and tracks a purple stain across the library entrance hall... It looks like a Richard Long installation.


Frank Harkin said...


Really like these shots.


Mike C. said...

Hi, Frank, nice to see you're still checking in.

Actually, after a day or two the top two have become pretty dull for me, but the bottom one is a keeper, I think.

This often happens -- I like to keep a little gallery of 5"x7" prints on my magnet board, to see which last beyond the initial impression. However, putting things straight onto a blog means that some items that never make it to the next level (for me, anyway) get permanently displayed, but that's blogging.