Monday, 25 July 2011

Flying Ant Day 2011

We interrrupt this blog break to bring you breaking blog news: today is Flying Ant Day in Highfield, Southampton. It's hot, quite humid, with a slight breeze and bright sunshine.

I only mention this because the previous post "Flying Ant Day" has attracted a vast number of hits. I've inspected it quite closely for unintended filth and double entendre, and can see nothing untoward. My conclusion is that an awful lot of people are interested in logging when Flying Ant Day happens. Perhaps the Chinese are betting on it this year?

Combine thousands of flying ants and a breeze with a graduation ceremony and you have an entertaining spectacle, by any standards.

Just thought you'd want to know. Now, back to that break.

Update: here are the weather conditions at the time (15:20 BST):

dew point: 6°
humidity: 35%
visibility: 10km
pressure: 1,009.14 mb (steady)
wind: WNW 13 kmph