Thursday, 2 September 2010

A Brief History of Humanity in Pictures

Here is a little miscellany of images from the excellent Musée de l'Aquitaine in Bordeaux. Cast in order of appearance.

The Venus of Laussel
(Palaeolithic karaoke night?)

Roman memorial stones
(nice to see the locals kept their beards)

The angel restrains Abraham
(or is s/he checking the sharpness of his blade?)

Saint Somebody or Other gets it on...

From Montaigne's tomb

The shadow of slavery...

It's nice to visit a museum where photography is allowed (no flash or tripods, obviously). These were all hand held at ISO 800.

Unlike this miserably run-down chateau we visited in the Dordogne (mainly for the coolness, it's true) which contained barely anything of interest, but which forbade photography throughout. But try and stop me...

Another Venus,
Chateau Wotsit


Poetry24 said...

I bit my lip, tied my tongue in a knot, turned my head away from the screen but, I'm too weak to resist. 'Another kind of Venus' looks armless enough.

Sorry, I'll get my coat.

Mike C. said...

Apology accepted.

I also find "Venus" one of those words that brings out my inner schoolboy... ("By God, you should have seen us!" Thank you, that's quite enough of that...)