Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The People's Choice

Like the idiot I am, I went and entered Boundary Elements for Photography Book Now at the last minute, having vowed not to enter any more silly beauty contest competitions I have no hope of winning. Ah, well. Next time I'm really not going to enter.

Assuming you don't have a horse in the race, you can do your bit by voting in the "people's choice" element of the competition by clicking on the orange and white shuttlecock below, if you would be so kind. Or you could, of course, encourage me not to do this again by not voting. Or you could vote for someone else!

There's an awful lot of rubbish in there this year, but also some real nuggets if you're prepared to sift through 2192 entries... I gave up after about the first 500 or so. As it happens, Boundary Elements is currently listed on the very first page, and therefore attracting some comments, which is pleasant. The pack will be reshuffled soon, though.

Vote for my Book in the Photography Book Now competition.

"Vote early, vote often" is not an option -- you have to register, and only get one vote. Use it wisely.

Another roadside attraction

Added 4/8/2010: My main contender for a winner so far? Check this out:

The Last Road North, by Ben Huff

He doesn't need your votes.


Martin H. said...

Count me in, Mike! I've been perfecting my 'mark', and now I've used it.

Mike C. said...

That's two votes down -- against all codes of etiquette, I voted for myself. It's a slippery moral slope, though: tomorrow, I might even take the biggest piece of cake off the plate!


Gavin McL said...

Well thats my vote in.

I've voted (finally) in a more concrete manner by pushing the button on a copy of downward skies.

Enjoy the cake. Taking the biggest bit in our house was allowed as long as you weren't the one that cut the cake

Mike C. said...

Thanks, Gavin -- that's a *real* vote!

I hope you get a good one -- Blurb print quality can vary, though I understand they've put a lot of effort into standardising output, which has always been the main gripe of customers. The three I've had have been OK, and acceptably similiar.

The cake thing reminds me of an old friend who tells the story of his posh but parsimonious Scottish grandmother, offering biscuits: "Have lots, have two!"


Bronislaus Janulis said...


Though I never vote unless promised bread and circuses, I have indeed, voted for you ... can't afford to buy books, however. Later.


Mike C. said...

Four down! All I can promise you, Bron, is blood, sweat, and curious semi-abstract close-ups of neglected corners. And reflections, lots of reflections.

Haven't seen a circus in years. Though we did go to a Chinese circus when the kids were small, and watched a girl fold herself into a jar, which utterly bemused my youngest. "But why, Daddy?"