Saturday, 8 May 2010

The People Have Spoken

I love the way our politicians have latched onto the idea that "the people have spoken, and we must listen to what they have said". Yes, but conveniently the people all spoke at the same time. Who knows what we're saying?

So now it's Sooty & Sweep Time ("What did you say, Electorate? You want those big Tory cuts anyway? What about you, Sweep? You, too? No, you shut up, Sue, no-one likes you, anyway")

Sigh. Rarely do those those wise but futile words ring so true as in the aftermath of an election: "Don't vote, it only encourages them". Or maybe, "If voting really changed anything, they'd make it illegal".

N.B. has anyone else spotted the new phrase: "deals done in smoke-free rooms"? I can't decide whether it's ironic or a mindless update of a well-worn (but once meaningful) cliché. Probably both: a politician's joke that's already unfunny.

I've been in bed, unwell, while all this was happening. Listening to it half-awake on the radio has been surreal. I'm not sure it's any less so now I'm back on my feet.

On the bright side: just look what happened to the BNP in Barking (and did you hear that spot on the Today Programme about the Labour campaign there? Inspirational!), and we have our first Green MP.


Martin H. said...

Lucky for the three headless chicken, they have a colour-blind clique of senior civil servants at hand. At last, people may begin to understand that 'Yes Minister' was never a comedy. The current production, however, is a comedy but, only for the summer season.

Mike C. said...

I've a gut feeling the Lib Dems are about to play a blinder -- they apparently have more real experience of this sort of power-broking (via the Scottish Parliament) than the rather fresh-faced Tory team.

Of course, they might blow it, too, but Clegg has the advantage of some very strict party controls, checks and balances over any potential deal, whereas Cameron is very much out there on his own, with only his ego to guide him.


Martin H. said...

I'm sure many will hope that the 'triple lock' proves to be an effective mechanism.

I agree, if Clegg & Co play it right, there is a big prize waiting. If they play it wrong.........!