Saturday, 1 May 2010

Another Good Friday

On Friday, as I was heading for the car park and home from work and passing yet another demolition site, I saw the afternoon sunlight doing interesting things in the mesh that surrounds the site. It was one of those moments when you grab your camera (in this case my LX3) and just get to work.

These three photos were taken within a minute or two of each other, in more or less the same place. To my mind, they look like three different climate zones.

Earlier, at lunchtime, I spotted this elegant bit of disrepair above my head as I passed under an awning linking some very elderly "temporary" buildings.

It's good to start the long May Day bank holiday weekend (which will inevitably be a rainy washout) feeling ahead of the game, photographically at least.


sEAN bENTLEY said...

Hi, I really like your work. Great eye for abstract design, color, and glorious entropy.

Mike C. said...

Thanks, sEAN!

To paraphrase William Blake, when asked "When you observe entropy, do you not see a grey sludge, about as exciting as porridge?" I reply, "No, No, I see an Innumerable company of the Heavenly Host crying 'Wow, Amazing, Look at That'"

Luckily I'm not asked this question often...