Sunday, 31 January 2010

Square Story

Twyford Down

University Campus, Southampton

University Campus, Southampton

Old Winchester Hill

University Campus, Southampton

... The End.


Kent Wiley said...

Fine series, Mike. I especially like #3, its subtlety and strong graphic content.

Frank Harkin said...

I second that

Mike C. said...

Thanks! As you've spotted, the third image is the key image (there's usually one in any sequence). I took it the other day, liked it, and was going to use it solo, but then various other recent square images seemed to want to cluster around it. If you spotted the guy in #3 hoisting a drink bottle, and then the out of focus vineyard in #4, you'll maybe see how I like to knit these things together, and why I refer to them as a sort of narrative.

To me, that's what sequencing is all about. I like multi-layered meanings, whether narrative or purely "visual" -- I rarely show a photo which doesn't have at least three bits of "business" going on. Linking those bits of business is what makes a sequence work, whether or not the viewer notices the links.