Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I didn't feel like driving over to Winchester today, so had a Sunday stroll down the road that runs about 2 km down the west side of Southampton Common and marks its boundary, known as Hill Lane.

At first, I was more interested in the way the afternoon sun was hitting the glass of the bus shelters:

But then I made a detour into the Old Southampton Graveyard, at the south end of the Common, the last resting place of crowded generations of cityfolk, seafarers, dockworkers and their families. I haven't been in there for many years -- it's very picturesque, but hard to resist all the well-worn cliches of graveyard photography. Eventually, I was pleased to find something that may work in a set I'm building called "In Darkness Let Me Dwell."

The spring sunshine was very warm, and I was dressed for a winter's day, however. On the way back, I found my legs seemed more acutely aware of the reason for the road's name than they used to be.

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