Monday, 25 February 2019

It's Crow Time

At Christmas, the exclusive community of Idiotic Brethren and Sistren were in receipt of a crow-themed calendar for 2019, a fine collector's item that will no doubt be much sought-after in centuries to come, unless, of course, said folk have carelessly scrawled their appointments and reminders all over the thing in biro and felt-pen. Which, I suppose, is what it's for.

So, knowing the likely fate of most calendars, I also made a small, Blurb booklet using these same designs, titled Crow Time. It was originally intended as a Christmas one-off, but I have now decided to open it for sale in the usual way. It's a 7" square paperback, costing £10.99 or the equivalent. Here it is, check it out:
 If you'd like one, go ahead and order from Blurb. If you don't want one, don't.

Now, an even more exclusive subset of the aforementioned community were astonished to find themselves presented with one or more of a set of similarly crow-themed plastic picnic plates, as adumbrated back in October. And you thought I was joking! (Actually, so did I).  If the idea of a microwave- and disherwasher-proof plastic picnic plate or two appeals to you (there are four different ones), drop me an email. I think they look rather good hanging on a wall. They're also not as expensive as you might think, and, as one recipient put it, adorably kitsch.


amolitor said...

Those plates would be perfect for those (rare! I assure you!) times when I have to eat crow.

Mike C. said...


Eating crow is frowned upon, with extreme prejudice, by all thinking crows (that is, all of us). Your name has been passed to your local chapter of the Global Crow Collective, and suitable compensation may be demanded, depending on who was consumed, when, and how. Why? Why doesn't come into it.

The use of one of Mr. Chisholm's fine plates is, however, an exculpatory factor. Tossing a nearby crow a tasty morsel or two might do the trick, too. We ain't fussy. And word gets around.

Yours, etc.