Thursday, 3 January 2019

NYD 2019

Dawn over the Avon Gorge, 1/1/2019
(as seen from our Bristol HQ)

It is something of a custom around here – and never one of those "more honoured in the breach than in the observance" – to get outside on New Year's Day, no matter what the weather, and grab a few lungfuls of New Year's Air, not to mention a few photographs to prove it. As we were in Bristol, we headed out to the seaside town of Clevedon on the Bristol Channel, which has the multiple advantages of a classy Victorian pier, a community second-hand bookshop, and numerous cafes, all of which are open on the 1st January.

By buying a plaque, you help keep the pier in good order.
Many are mawkish, some are hilarious, mainly unintentionally
 (we spotted one this year that is like a TripAdvisor review)

Looks like Goldsworthy is in town

For once, New Year's Day in the West of England was not cold and rainy – see previous NYD entries – and occasionally a bright low sun broke through the cloud cover. People were out in force, too: I've never seen so many about at this time of year, or had such difficulty parking before. So much so, I wondered whether there might have been a feature on Clevedon on the TV or in one of the tabloids; it's generally the only sort of stimulus that motivates my compatriots to do an outdoorsy thing en masse. Whatever, I think it's unlikely they got the idea from reading this blog.

Have I wished you a Happy New Year? If not, I don't think it's too late, so consider yourself so wished, individually and collectively. Strangely, I find myself looking forward to this year with some real anticipation. I don't suppose it will last.


Chris Rusbridge said...

And a Happy New Year to you, too, Mike. We too always go for a walk on NYD, and I always try to offer an enthusiastic "Happy New Year" to everyone we meet. Usually I'm cowed into embarrassed mumbling after a half dozen encounters have been met with surprise or silence. This year I was very pleased to get a lovely clear HNY from a stranger after my mumbling had reduced even to a mere "Hi".

I usually take a camera with me (film, usually black and white given the light) but I don't often take a photo, as it's often incompatible with friendly conversation. That's a good reason for walking with other photographers, of course!

Sorry not to have commented more often, but I always enjoy your posts, please do keep going!

Mike C. said...

Thanks, Chris. Reminds me that one of the tried and tested ways of getting a train compartment to yourself (when trains had such things) was said to be to invite people in effusively, with much gesturing and friendly expressions of welcome...

Film?? In 2019?? Good grief... I can see my job here is not yet done!

Happy New Year,