Thursday, 2 November 2017

Mystery Companion

Now that's a handbag!

According to the society columns, an eminent blogger and assembler of photo-thingies was seen out and about in Paris last week, accompanied by (in Jackson Browne's phrase) a stunning mystery companion, apparently some 40 years his junior. It later emerged that this delightful young woman is, in fact, blog-blokie's daughter. Her mother, a distinguished professor of Important Studies, was also in town but, having a gig at the OECD (or, as the French call it, perversely, l'OCDE), had little time for leisure pursuits.

Unassailably wealthy, educated beyond all reasonable need, and endowed with intimidatingly good taste, the pair were seen frequenting various really classy establishments, and window-shopping (or, as the French say, faire du lèche-vitrines i.e. "licking windows") for original art, lurid bandes dessinées, and ironically tacky fridge-magnets. Fortunately, the French are respectful of creative genius, and feigned utter indifference to these representatives of such an eminent and cultured British family wandering their capital's streets.

Hmm, signed Henri Rivière prints? We'll take them all!


Struan said...

There's a definite Dr.Who vibe in that second pic. You'd make a super companion.

Is that Sonia Delaunay in the background? I love the ways she combines bright colour without being twee.

Mike C. said...


It is, well spotted! Though it *may* be Robert -- their work is pretty much identical, we found. Must have made for a harmonious home life ("And what are you doing today, Sonia? Really? Me too!").