Sunday, 22 October 2017

Tanto Tanto Tanto!

All being well, travel-wise, I should be away next week in Paris. I may make a post or two, but will only have an iPad with me, which is frustratingly limited as a device for creation, excellent as it is for consumption (does anyone have experience with the Microsoft Surface?). I'm looking forward to a visit to the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, which is just stuffed to the rafters with stuffed stuff.

Talking of Le Continong, I really like this video and song, which I first saw on that reliable treasure trove, the Doonesbury Video Archive. If your Italian is as shaky as mine, there's a handy translation here. It's good to be reminded that decent pop culture happens in languages other than English, though, oddly, not so much in French. Somehow, there's always something a little too slick and style-conscious, a touch too sérieux, even a bit bourgeois about the French pop I've encountered. It always reminds me of those well-groomed pop-pickers on the dance-floor of Top of the Pops. Mind you, I did stop paying attention somewhere around Oxygène and Ça plane pour moi, so I'm prepared to be proved wrong. But, oh la vache, was 1977 really 40 years ago?

Perhaps I'll check out the scene (albeit from a discreet distance, in my scruffy Dad anglais clothes). À bientôt!

Les toits de Southampton


Martyn Cornell said...

My iPad Mini with keypad that doubles as a shell is fabulous, frankly: fits in the front pocket of my rucksack, lets me record interviews, transcribe them, post them or email them, and take pics to go with them. It's publishing on the go with a device barely bigger than a reporter's notebook.

Mike C. said...


That's interesting to hear - which apps do you use e.g. for document creation and blog editing?


Anonymous said...

I use a HP Pavilion x2 10-n200ng "convertible tablet pc". It looks like a very small notebook with a 10 inch display, but the keyboard can be detached - then you have a tablet. It runs Windows 10 Home 32bit. The display is OK for me but probably a disappointment if you're used to an iPad.

* The keyboard is actually quite decent, even though it's small.
* Passive cooling, no fan. This is nice since I also use it to play music over a USB-linked DAC which is connected to our stereo.
* Battery life is good, runs several hours on a charge.

* Windows 10 - the system comes preinstalled with random junk and advertising - their so-called "apps". Thankfully, the system has Microsoft's PowerShell so you can clean it.
* System performance is at the lowest limit to run current software (e.g. the Firefox browser).
* Glare display, it is not possible to use the device in bright daylight.

On the bottom line, it works quite well for me and I would buy it again.

Best, Thomas

Mike C. said...


Thanks, sounds like a useful combination. I think I need to investigate these "laptops that become a tablet".


Kent Wiley said...

It takes a bit of getting used to, but the onscreen keyboard on the iPad does work for writing. Not wanting to lug around the extra weight of an accessory keyboard, I've kept to the onscreen keyboard. There are many writing apps available, but being an (occasional) script writer, I've found that any text editor, such as Plaintext, (which seems to have disappeared, but Caret is very similar looking), in conjunction with Slugline works on nearly any device you want. Not sure about blog editors, but surely someone has "solved" that problem.

Mike C. said...


Yes, I've found the iA Writer app quite useful, but when it comes to blog editing -- nothing. Obviously, the other little problem with the iPad is the complete absence of ports and sockets! I'm surprised no-one seems to make an accessory keyboard with SD, USB, etc. ports built in.