Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Greatest Hit

For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, this image (which I had the good fortune to show at the Royal Academy this summer and which I called Golden Wasp Game #7) has proved exceptionally popular. All fifty copies of the RA edition sold out on the first afternoon of the Summer Exhibition, and I have been fending off demand for further copies ever since.

However, because I had promised copies of the print to various people, I decided to make a separate, unlimited "Friends & Family" edition, which is what you see above. This version is smaller (image size 20cm x 15cm on an A4 sheet), is signed but unnumbered, and has a rather natty red signature "seal" at bottom right.

If you would like a copy, I will be selling them until Christmas for £50 plus post & packing (£6.50 in mainland UK). Just send me an email (my address is in the "Since You Ask" profile at top right), and I will invoice you. On receipt of payment, I will send you the print, fresh from my very own Epson inkjet printer, and defensively packed in a clear bag between corrugated cardboard sheets within the finest rigid envelope known to humanity.

If you should happen to prefer its RA companion, Golden Wasp Game #3 (below), then that, too, is available in a "Friends & Family" edition, at the same price. Should you fancy buying both of them, then that will be £90 plus post & packing (£7.50 in mainland UK).


amolitor said...

Let's hear it for the British Envelope! The finest envelope that exists, with the finest postage stamps. And filled with wasps! By jove!

Mike C. said...

No, these are *way* better than that, these are Colompac envelopes, made in Germany -- BMW-quality packaging!!