Wednesday, 30 August 2017


I've been laid low for a couple of weeks with some virus I must have picked up somewhere on our recent "holiday" visit to Bristol. It's been a strange way to spend the last official weeks of summer and, as so often happens, I am now about 90% deaf on one side, which is very disorientating.

Never mind, my energy levels are returning to normal, the best part of the year is just over the horizon, and it's been a summer to remember. A busy one, too, not least because of fulfilling the print orders following my unexpected 100% sales success at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, with a few more supplementary sales added on by that little flurry of interest in my work. As you might expect, this has been a classic illustration of the 80:20 principle, with 20% of the orders creating 80% of the work. And I'm still waiting to hear from two buyers, despite the various emails and voicemails I've left over the past three months. Some people just seem to vanish for the entire summer. Probably members of the One Percent...


Zouk Delors said...

Or they realised they're WASPS, not bees!

Mike C. said...


Impossible! And what sort of idiot would want a picture of a pathetic bee, anyway??


Zouk Delors said...

The remarkable thing about bees is,
They have such adorable knees(es).

You see, having a rhymable name gives bees the edge in the never-ending propaganda war between the yellow-and-black insects, for, as we both well know: "There is no rhyme for wasp in th'English tongue ...".

Or it could be the honey.

Mike C. said...

True, bees may have knees
That can rival a flea's,
But the knee of a wasp, it'll
Put you in hospital

Alexander Pope