Thursday, 22 December 2016

Jingle Bells

I was walking home down our street on Wednesday morning, when I heard little bells jingling overhead.  Nah...  But I looked up anyway, and there was a hawk being pursued by a crow, jingling all the way.

It may have been an escaped falconer's bird, I suppose, though it might also have pounced on someone's Christmas decorations and either made off with them or somehow got its feet entangled. I've heard of "belling the cat", but this was something new. You can just imagine the barracking it was getting from the crow...

"Oi, Rudolph, where's Farver Chrissmuss, then? Eh? Tell you what, give us a bell when you get 'ome! Oi, Tinkerbell! Twinkle Toes! Yes, you!!"

It takes a lot to embarrass a hawk.
Bells will do it, though.


Anonymous said...


merry christmas to you and your family! Re Jingle Bells: I remember many, many years ago, long before I visited the UK for the first time, my parents went to southern England for vacation. When they came back, they reported that they witnessed a christmas party in a pub - in July! Now that's kind of cool, I thought, and decided that one day, I *had* to visit England.

Best, Thomas

Mike C. said...


And the same to you! A Christmas party in a pub in July? Even by our standards, that a little early to get the party season started...

I'm away over Christmas in deepest, darkest Dorset, but will schedule a few posts nonetheless.

Best wishes for 2017!


Zouk Delors said...

Might have been an assistance hawk for a blind crow.