Wednesday, 5 October 2016

There's Weasels In The Jar

I'm still working on the necessary moves to make convincing monochrome photographs, which amounts, I think, to creating images that at least look like they were conceived in monochrome, and which play to monochrome's strengths. I've also been fighting off the temptation to go down the road that leads to the faking of stained and cracked glass-plate negatives, apparently printed on hand-coated platinum-palladium paper. Although, to be honest, I have nothing in principle against exploring what lies at the end of that road; it's all fakery, after all. It just seem disrespectful to those who go to the (enormous) trouble of doing it for real. As I've said before, the problem is that you're chasing a look that is not native to digital, and the only real guides are your own taste and judgement.

But sometimes colour is simply the best way to convey – and for the eye to appreciate – the full-on surreal beauty of the grotesque. I mean: bottled bats and weasels in a jar? It doesn't get better than that, does it?

Unless, of course, it's a very exotic brand of tequila... I'll have an alligator sunrise, barman, and make it snappy! (sorry...)


Zouk Delors said...

Weasels tripped my flash

amolitor said...

Now I want to either make a book or start a band named 'A Jug of Weasels.'

Maybe both.

Poetry24 said...

I've been enjoying your recent posts and images, Mike. My own blog has run its course, I feel. I've put it into hibernation for the winter, in an effort to complete my stop/start project. Plenty of life left under your Idiotic Hat, yet! I'll be popping by from time to time.

Mike C. said...


I'd been trying to figure out what those weasels reminded me of so strongly, and it just came to me: it's Mickey in Sendak's "In the Night Kitchen"...


sorry to hear that, but I know how you feel -- my readership continues to decline, to the point where I'm also wondering whether to pull down the shutters (in fact, you anticipate the post I'll be sending out today).