Monday, 28 March 2016

Two Trees

A couple of characterful trees from the Itchen water meadows, which have been particularly watery in recent weeks. I don't think the pollarded one below is going to make it through another storm, as it's now little more than a hollow shell. Perhaps I should have titled this post "One and a Half Trees"...

That second one reminded me of the sort of postcard I might rescue from one of those tightly-packed trays you find in second-hand bookshops.

[N.B. I'm away for the next week in a land where the phone signal can't penetrate the clouds, and the internet is a mere rumour. I'll get to any comments when I return.]

1 comment:

Zouk Delors said...

Since you are currently "beyond the web" and so presumably pre-scheduled this post, I can't help wondering if you'd seen the forecast of Katie's* coming when referring to "another storm". Can't wait to see how that persistent survivor fared!