Sunday, 7 February 2016

Paint Job

Weird scenes inside the wasp mine.  What are they mining in there?  It looks oddly like bubble-gum to me, which is not improbable, I suppose, as wasps notoriously have a sweet tooth*.  Though whether bubble-gum is an extractable natural resource I'm not sure.  But wait...  Maybe wasps make bubble-gum?  Which would explain a lot.  Though, in comparison with honey, it's a pretty poor product, frankly.

However, bubble-gum does have its plus side.  Not least as a way of educating the young by means of the enclosed, fact-packed and informative cards.  It's surprising how much you can learn from bubble-gum cards.  Anyone remember "Great British Roadkill"?  Or were those stickers?

* I am well aware that wasps don't have teeth, thank you.

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