Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Life on the Ocean Wave

Another little set from Tuesday for fans of sittin' on the dock of the Bay.


amolitor said...

Needs more wasps.

Mike C. said...

I was thinking crows, but a few jolly sailor-wasps might be just the thing.


Kent Wiley said...

Great stuff. Wish I was closer to the coast.

Naw, got just the right amount of wasps. Got gulls instead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

so indeed you "got into the zone" yesterday! The "soft, bright light" you mentioned in the last post works very well - colour and tonality of the entire set (including the pictures from the last post) are pleasing and consistent.

Best, Thomas

Mike C. said...


One of the advantages of living on an island, I suppose. It's shocking to hear that many of the desperate refugees crossing the Mediterranean in leaky rubber rafts have never actually seen the sea before. They have no idea what awaits them, which may be just as well. In a bad storm, few things are as terrifying as the sea.


Mike C. said...

Thanks, Thomas -- somehow your comment didn't appear in my mail until today. Blogger can be unpredictable with its handling of comments...

I'm trying to persuade myself to get down to the coast more. It's an asset I keep forgetting I have close at hand, and am always looking inland instead!