Thursday, 26 November 2015

Crow Country Book

Christmas is coming, and if you're thinking of buying something special for someone this year, or even for yourself, you might want to consider my latest book offering.

As regular readers will know, I've been moving out of "straight" hunter-gatherer photography into a more deliberate, constructed form of photo-collage (yes, it's the photo-Neolithic Revolution, before your very eyes).  Off the back of the work which has resulted in this year's calendar (sorry, folks, these are strictly for distribution to friends and family) I have brought together 18 of the "Crow Country" collages, and produced a very limited edition book.  Or perhaps it's more of a portfolio?  Or a portfolio-form book?  Never mind, but some people worry about these things.

Whatever it is, it is a 30cm square hardback, bound in black linen, without any titling on the exterior.  I currently have five copies, only three of which are for sale.  If demand is sufficient, a maximum of another five will be produced.  Thus, this privately-distributed edition will be limited to ten copies.  The paper stock is a heavyweight, semi-glossy paper, and the images have been reproduced superbly. Typically, they are about 23cm x 17cm, or 18cm square, and centred on the 30cm x 30cm page.  All the page spreads are reproduced below.

I should probably ask considerably more – I'm robbin' meself, lady! – but the eight copies are for sale at £75 each, which includes postage and packing to anywhere in the UK; add £5 for anywhere else in the world.  Each copy will be numbered and signed, and inscribed to the purchaser (if desired).  If you are interested, please contact me directly using one of the email addresses in my Blogger Profile (see top right).  PayPal will be my preferred method of payment.

If this is a bit more than your budget, I also have three copies of a smaller "Crow Country" selection, similarly bound as a hardback in black linen but sized 20.5cm by 16cm, and containing fifteen of the pictures from the series (including two not in the selection above).  This version is also only for private distribution, and each copy will be signed, though in this case I won't put a limit on the number available if the demand is there.  Although, frankly, if I sell more than the original three, I'll be amazed.  They cost £25 each, including postage to anywhere in the UK; add £3.50 for anywhere else in the world.  Again, contact me via email if you're interested.

And remember our Idiotic Hat guarantee of satisfaction:  if you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase, we will be very disappointed!  Seriously, though, folks: I will take every possible care that your book will survive the hazardous journey through the world's postal system intact.  I know everything there is to know about posting and packing books, believe me, not least as a customer of booksellers worldwide.  No padded bags will be involved.

If, however, a book does get damaged I will replace it, but will require the return of the damaged original, not least to preserve the integrity of the edition and numbering.  If you simply don't like it, however, that's tough: I think it's clear what is on offer here – see above – and what you see is what you get.  And what you get is pretty unique.

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