Thursday, 29 October 2015

Rehearsal Space

I enjoy revisiting these digital collages, in a constant process of revision.   A first pass at this one was shown in an earlier post this month, but I think I like this version more.  It's the great advantage of working with layers: like theatrical scenery "flats", you can drop new ones in and out, to see what effect they have, and reposition your actors to the best advantage.  "No, sweetie, lift that left leg a little more...  That's it...  But do try not to fall over, darling."

Talking of crows lifting their legs, I hadn't really realised until recently that no tetrapod animal -- anything four-limbed, whether it be a crow, a crocodile, or a cat -- has knees that bend backwards. It's just that some have particularly high ankles and long footbones, dividing the hind limb into three sections, rather than two.  Such creatures walk on "feet" made entirely of toes.

Obvious, really, if you've ever carved a chicken.  Not so obvious, looking at a horse, but true, nonetheless.  It seems evolution, too, likes to revisit its work, in a constant process of revision.  Though, of course, that process is what evolution is, rather than what "it" does.

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