Sunday, 11 October 2015


Oh look, it's that hare again.  I can see it's going to become a looming presence in these composites, if I'm not careful, rather like Spiny Norman in the Python "Piranha Brothers" sketch.  Furry Harry, perhaps.  I just like his come-off-it glare.

Those Union Jack curtains are real, by the way; I spotted them when I was in Brighton last October.  Given their location in a terrace of bijou cottages in the Laines area, I imagine they are ironic, rather than patriotic curtains.  You can never be sure about this sort of camp gesture, though -- the annoying thing about ironists is that they can always have their cake and eat it.  "Oh, this cake?  No, I'm only pretending to eat it...  I'm enjoying acting as if I were the kind of person that eats cake, when clearly I'm not!  To be honest, I don't even want to have it that much.  Did you really think I did?  How sweet...  Here, do have some cake..."

Hares, needless to say, don't do irony.

[scheduled post -- out of town until mid-week]

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Richard Parkin said...

"Hares, needless to say, don't do irony.". Maybe not but they do do madness, as do hatters - maybe some connection there as this post seems slightly bonkers to me!
BRW, hares may do irony - perhaps you are unaware of were-hares?