Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Book Buying

This is really a temporary post that I will probably take down after a while.  I need to establish whether Blurb is returning an accurate account of book sales.

Have you bought one of my Blurb books in the last year?  If so, it would be useful if you would let me know which, and roughly when, using one of the email addresses in the profile above right ("Since you ask...").  This would include e-books and PDFs, as well as conventional paper books. In fact, e-books are of particular interest.  Did you buy yours direct from Blurb, or via Apple's iBookstore, for example?

It would also be helpful to know if you had declared your intention to buy one, e.g. in a comment, but never actually did.  I really don't mind (I only make about £1 profit from each sale, so I'll get by...) but it's useful to know.  This could be the source of my impression that there have been more sales than are showing up.

Of course, the best test would be if I could persuade you to buy a book now, using the "My Blurb Bookstore" link, also over on the right.  If you have an iPad or iPhone most are also available as e-books, which are very good value at just a few pounds/dollars each.  If you then let me know that you have done so, I can monitor Blurb's sales account. But please don't feel I'm turning this into a disguised sales drive!

Books?  We've got a few ... In every room...

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