Saturday, 24 January 2015

Spider on the Wall

Of all the images I brought home from Innsbruck, I think this is one of those that have pleased me the most.  That strange spidery sunburst on the wall is the shadow of a cupola on top of the circular gallery, distorted by the angle of the sun and the fact that the wall onto which it is projected is itself curved.

It must be a fairly predictable sight, but whether it has been photographed before I couldn't say.  I like the way the figure on the right appears to be flinching away from the apparition, like Little Miss Muffet, and the way the panel on the left and the portion of the projection on the floor break the symmetry of the "legs", not to mention the way the polished parquet floor reflects the whole thing.

Choice! Though I say so myself...


Nathan deGargoyle said...

Those two sinister figures on the left are looking through that observation window at the young lady on the right who is about to suffer their despicable attentions when..... BISPIDER SIGNAL!!!
Our favorite 16 legged superhero is on the case!

And who should be there to record this dramatic event but young dynamic photojournalist Id Hat ( who has never been seen at the same time as BiSpiderman. Hmmm I wonder...)

Mike C. said...

N de G,

I like the "bispider signal" idea (though I count 20 legs -- 2.5 spider doesn't have the same ring...) But, enough speculation, or evasive measures will have to be taken.


Zouk Delors said...

Mike Chisholm, superhero. It does have a certain ring about it ... but not the ring of truth, I think.

Lovin' the photo though.

Mike C. said...


That's what they all said about Clark Kent...