Thursday, 27 November 2014

Call it a Loan

I had always understood the acronym TWOC to refer exclusively to stealing cars, i.e. "taking without owner's consent".  I discovered today that, in medical circles, it also stands for "trial without catheter".  Without straying too far into the realm of too much information, suffice it to say I had some surgery last week, and today was TWOC day.  No cars were involved.  If you've ever experienced -- or can imagine -- the discomfort and indignity of living, even for just a week or two, with a catheter installed, you'll understand why posts here have been a bit thin recently.

The timing of all this was unfortunate.  A couple of friends had provided me with a spare ticket to see Charles Lloyd play at the Barbican on Sunday, something I was looking forward to, but I had to pass up that opportunity.  Had I but known Jackson Browne -- Jackson Browne! -- was playing the Royal Albert Hall this week, I might well have booked some advance tickets for that, too, and my annoyance would then have been complete.

Ah well.  My first brush with surgery since I had my tonsils removed ca. 1960 is a salutary reminder that there are more important things.  Or, at least, things which must take a higher priority.

N.B. for the time being, I have turned off the comments.  Normal service will be restored at a later date!