Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Tourist From Mars Revisited

Mutters, looking NW from Hotel Sonnhof

I have now completed a "blog book", which brings together all the blog posts resulting from my ten-day photographic residency in Innsbruck, Austria, in June this year, supplemented by a few more photographs.  If you click on this Book Preview link or the one in the following Blurb "book badge", you'll be able to see a low-resolution version of the whole thing: be patient, it can be a bit slow to load. You will get the best sense of the book in Fullscreen mode (rightmost icon on the Blurb Preview toolbar).

a blog book
by Mike Chisholm
Photo book

As well as the usual paperback (£29.95) and hardback (£39.00) there is also a downloadable PDF version (viewable on pretty much anything) at £4.99 and a separately listed e-book version (iPad / iPhone / iPod only) also available at £4.99.  Frankly, I'd recommend the e-book or the PDF.  The image reproduction quality is better and I actually make more profit on those sales than on the paper books.

If you do choose to buy the PDF, you will need to make these settings in your Adobe Acrobat viewer:

Under the View menu choose "Page Display":
Tick "Two Page View";
Tick "Show Gaps Between Pages";
Tick "Show Cover Page in Two Page View".

If you don't do this, the page order will be wrong.

Anichstrasse, Innsbruck


Unknown said...

Dear Mike
If there is another, I know it not. Makes searches very simple. Sawbones, croaker, undertakers assistant, that very recently retired activity provided the resource (we of course used to empty 'your' pockets while 'you' were in theatre) to purchase a copy of your book. Very enjoyable and a very interesting read indeed. My first wife (she was three places adrift alphabetically from me but I didn't see her till the third year), when she was a girlfriend was a passionate photographer and I wrote a poem to her "Heedless to Comstockery" stanza..."CD seeks the London light, bends it through her lenses bright and tries herself in all positions, fidgeting for definition"....
Phineas Gage had the first frontal lobotomy by a similar method to your Gregor Baci and the latter painting has often appeared in journals. Your man died of infection while Phineas survived as the implement passed clean through without remnants. So you wept for your remembered innocence you silly sausage, cute.
p.s. looks like you avoided any banana skin at the fotoforum...what on earth was it there on the wall for?

Mike C. said...

Hi there, Alastair -- it's been a long time. In fact, I think it's been since 1973, when you appeared at my door, just as I was getting friendly with a [female] comrade. I didn't mind (much).

Looks like we have done synchronised retirements. If you want to get in touch (without 300-odd eavesdroppers), my email is mic "at"

Thanks for buying a book, btw. I have no idea about the banana -- sort of sub-Banksy-cum-Velvet Underground stencil job. Art galleries!