Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Water Feature

Water trough, Mutters

As you might expect, there's a lot of water in the Tyrol, even at the height of summer.  The place is gushing, spraying water at every joint, like leaky plumbing.  At the centre of it all, the river Inn flows down its valley like a long brown flexing muscle, snatching and squeezing the supports of bridges with terrifying force.  But it seems that every street in every town or village has a fountain or a bubbling water trough, and even the central police station has a sculptural water feature.

For no reason other than I seem to have taken a lot of them -- I have always had a strong affinity with water as a subject -- here is a selection of some watery photographs.

Water feature, Police Station, Innsbruck

Leopoldsbrunnen, Innsbruck
(he'll never get that lit standing there...)

River Inn from bridge

Water trough, Mariahilfstrasse

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