Sunday, 29 June 2014

Building Houses

 Another thing that impressed me in the Tyrol, as it always impresses me in mainland Europe, was the design quality of the new-build housing.  Now, clearly, the photo above is not of what we in Britain euphemistically call "social" or "affordable" housing, but neither is it a part of some luxury gated estate.  It simply shows a couple of ordinary houses on a newly-finished estate, just outside the village of Mutters, built with a level of architectural imagination that is, evidently, simply unthinkable in Britain.

But, let's be honest, and as someone said in my hearing recently, the accidents of decay generally have so much more aesthetic appeal than the deliberate designs of any architect, especially to the photographer.  Guilty as charged!   Here's some evidence to back up that proposition...


Nice... Though it's true, the chaos of new building does have its own attractions, too.

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