Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Run-Time Rhino

Ever met Ronnie*, the psycho-psychedelic Run-Time Rhino? Why run-time?  Well, for whatever reasons, Ronnie hates hackers, and lies in wait in the foyer of the School of Electronics and Computer Science, artfully-camouflaged as a fairground attraction built out of recycled hardware.  Very hard, in Ronnie's case.

When he spots his unmistakably-dressed hacker prey he makes his move.  It's time to run.

* Do you think Ronnie Cray would be a pun too far?


John Krill said...

How many people remember Seymour Roger Cray. I tried getting a job at his company in the 70s. Working at Cray Computers was no different than working at Google today. That's where all the smart people were.

Mike C. said...

John Krill,

Cray are still around, making supercomputers, but in the way of these things, the name has long been divorced from the founder.

The pun was, of course, on the name Ronnie Kray, one of the notorious Kray Twins, gang-leaders in London's East End (perhaps better known, via the Monty Python parody, as Doug and Dinsdale Piranha).