Thursday, 6 February 2014


An overlooked frame from our recent visit to Brighton.  Or, not so much overlooked, as passed over for blogging purposes.  It didn't fit the mood or narrative of the post, so sat it out, as did a number of other rather nice shots.  One of the spin-offs of blogging is that you learn the self-discipline of editing.

Underneath the promenade, there is a murky space, mainly used for storing what appear to be remnants of the wrecked West Pier.  Who knows why?  The skeletal pier has suffered yet more serious damage in storms this month, and surely cannot remain standing for much longer.

On a purely technical note, I am constantly amazed at the ability of the Panasonic G3 to retain detail in these darkest corners, even when competing with areas of intense illumination.  No doubt this is typical of modern sensors, and no doubt there are even better ones out there. But, for us old film guys, this is nothing less than freakin' alchemy.


Bronislaus Janulis / Framewright said...

Yes, I'm told that the Nikon D800 is the Tops, though I could ill afford one. I'm using a new to me, but a generation old, Canon S110, a compact, and am just amazed at it's ability in available darkness. The only thing I miss from film, is that some of the cameras were really nice to use; a fine mechanical synergy.

As to your Brighton pic, looks like some of the corners of my studio, with it's stacks of lumber scraps.

And, Mike, we're not old; we're seasoned. Alchemy, indeed.

Mike C. said...


On no account handle one of the new Sony A7 cameras. You have been warned.