Monday, 22 July 2013

Flying Ants at 12 O'Clock

Flying ants spotted on the Highfield Campus today at noon, on my way back from an unpleasant dental appointment.

Conditions at 12:15 pm:

29° C
Humidity 42%
Wind SSE 2mph
Barometer 1014.0 mb rising slowly

These were large black critters, about 0.75 cm long. As there's a degree ceremony today, I will shortly be heading out to look for ant/graduate interaction.  As soon as I can feel my face, that is...


Zouk Delors said...

Yes, spotted some in Stevenage a little while ago.

Conditions: kin hot

Why do they walk around like that? Does it take them a while to realize they've got wings?

Mike C. said...

Who knows? Though I think the stumbling around phase follows the flight phase, and they start biting their wings off pretty quickly. I have sometimes noticed the amputated wings glittering on the ground before seeing the ants.