Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Smaller Elevation

As promised, I have made a smaller version (7" x 7" / 18cm x 18cm) of the new Elevation book.  It's identical in every respect, except ...  smaller.  And cheaper, of course.  Here it is:

It's available in four versions:
  • Softcover at £15.99
  • Hardcover at £25.00
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF at £5.49
  • e-book for Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod at £5.99
This release of the PDF is much smaller (about 10.5 Mb).  Remember to make these settings in the Acrobat View/Page Display menu:
  • Two-Page View (or "two up" depending on the version of Acrobat you have)
  • Show Gaps Between Pages
  • Show Cover Page in Two Page View
Otherwise, you will see a single page presentation, or the wrong pages will be paired on screen.

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