Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mock Tudor

On Saturday, the first truly sunny spring day we've had, I walked along the road that divides the railway from the docks (yet another place where a portable stepladder would come in handy). I'd hoped to get some shots of a massive cruise liner that had been docked when I drove by earlier that morning, but it had already gone.  Well, there's not a lot for cruise passengers to see or do in Southampton docks, unless they have a deep interest in very large cranes, shipping containers, or oil refineries.

But I had never noticed this mock-Tudor block of flats (?) before.  It looks rather like the rear view of an Elizabethan playhouse.

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Kent Wiley said...

Portable step ladder? That would be the vehicle you drive. Although having a van makes it considerably more functional. For my courthouse series, I drove around w/ a ladder to reach the roof, and a sheet of plywood to place on the rack to stand on. The cops only asked what I was doing once. More rigging attempts to get some elevation. But now I like my C stand with ladder beside it. Another recent view is here.