Saturday, 2 February 2013

Three January Mornings


Huw said...


All very good (and all about colour? the first brightly, the second subtly , the third by its absence?).


Mike C. said...


Not so much colour, though that's clearly always a component when snow is involved, as "overlapping sets".

Notice how the 1st and 3rd are both "wild / organic / elaborate snowy trees held back by simple geometric fences" whereas the 2nd is the reverse, "looming cliff of geometric architecture behind a barrier of organic chaos".

I don't plan these things, though -- I'm an instinctive worker, both at the taking stage and the "construction" stage, and any order or associative significance I could point to is very much after the fact.

They probably say more about my state of mind yesterday afternoon after a week of sales pitches whilst under internal attack from a virus than my view of the world in general...


Zouk Delors said...