Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's That Picture Again, Again

Some pictures just keep on giving, don't they?

That's (part of) me, top left. That's Chris Huhne with the battering ram.

I was told a very amusing story by an old friend, now a prominent employee of the BBC, about the way Mr. Huhne was carefully sidelined from the action on the night a small group of us assembled in a house in Jericho to break into and occupy the Indian Institute in Oxford the following morning (in retrospect an astonishingly foolhardy and pointless action which cost several people their university careers).  But, as any good journalist knows, a single source is not enough to go public with a humiliating anecdote about a litigious and angry public figure, however hilarious.

You've got to wonder, though, haven't you?  What was he thinking?  As so many have said, the qualities that make successful politicians are precisely the ones that should disqualify them from ever holding public office.

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