Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Closed for Christmas

I'm putting up the "Closed" sign over the Christmas break, probably for the rest of the week.  I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen and read this year.  I've enjoyed your company during 2012, and hope you'll be back in 2013.

This blog generally gets about 5,000 visits each month: it would be great if a few more of you silent lurkers made a New Year's Resolution to comment from time to time!  Though not all at once...

Over the break, we're expecting more of this:

There's not a lot of hope for any snow this year, if the forecast is correct, though I'm sure it did hail in the night around 3 a.m.  It sounded like someone was emptying sacks of gravel over the house.  Sleighbells it certainly wasn't, although it might have been several bags of reindeer feed splitting, I suppose.

Best wishes for 2013!


Graham Dew said...

Hi Mike, Merry Christmas to you.

I thought of you on our Christmas walk as we made our way down the Itchen to the Hockley Viaduct. The restoration work you mentioned earlier in the year is now nearly complete, with the viaduct becoming a feature piece in a new Sustrans cycle path running southwards from Winchester. It's interesting to see the march of progress from the navigation, to the railway, the motorway and now a mixed pedestrian and cycle path.

Anyway, have a good break and I look forward to to more of your writings next year.

Mike C. said...


And to you!

Mixed feelings about the viaduct -- yet another place I valued for its delapidation suffers a makeover... But I suppose it'll be a fun place to cycle over.

I was looking at old 25000 OS maps of the area recently, trying to figure out where the railway used to run relative to the canal next to St. Catherine's Hill -- it was quite a pinch-point, once, for transport, and there was no main road at all in the 19th century.