Monday, 23 July 2012

Restoration Comedy

Uh oh.  See that blue, top right?  That's scaffolding, that is.  The Hockley Viaduct is finally "closed for repairs"...  Looks like I got in there just in time, as I have no interest in photographing a restored edifice.

If past experience is anything to go by, they'll "make it new", as well as making it safe, and in the process sterilize it.  But, never mind, it means no-one else will ever be able to get the set of images that I have built over the past couple of years.  All I have to do is summon the will to finish printing and sequencing them.


Anonymous said...

I agree entirely about how antiseptic and ruinous repairs can be. The capturing of time in a photograph is quite Proustian and precious. I adore the pictures I have taken of wilderness before developers moved in.

Mike C. said...


After I return from my summer "blog break", I intend to do a lengthy post on the Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi sabi. Come back in late September!