Sunday, 3 June 2012


Just to remind you (and me) that this blog primarily concerns itself with photography, here are a few recent images, where vertical stripes seem to be the predominant theme.


Gavin McL said...


The middle one is really quite a change - Most of your photos don't exactly have much "movement" in them.
Rhythm yes but movement no.

Mike C. said...


Illusory movement, though -- those "spark trails" are printed on the purple fabric attached to the railing. The first image is a view looking through it from the other side.


Graham Dew said...


I was in the Tate Modern bookshop on Sunday flicking through the photography books. I was thinking how little of the photography on offer there lit my fire, and then on return saw your post with these wonderful images. The first is particularly elegant - the composition, the simplification by the screen - very nice.

BTW, thanks for the post recently on 'A Humument'. I have to admit I had not seen this book before, but is current a little bit of delight every evening ay bedtime.


Mike C. said...


Thanks. I think a golden age of photo books has passed recently; I'm disciplining myself not to buy any more for a bit, as -- like you -- I don't see anything that is really worth the shelf-space.

Yes, the tale of Bill Toge, Irma, et al. is one of the great metaphysical shaggy dog stories. I'm always trying to turn people on to it, and to Tom Phillips in general.