Friday, 13 April 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Up behind "our" barn conversion in mid-Wales is an immaculately kept wood.  I think it may belong to Fernando, the Colombian builder who did the conversion.  Certainly, I have met him motoring along the track through the wood on his quad bike, on his way to the field that I know he owns, with a load of fence posts and cement.  Curiously, the owner of the conversion is Argentinian -- there seems to be quite a community of Latin American expatriates settled in the area.

In the bit of snow we had last week these woods became even more attractive, just right for an hour or two's easy hillside ramble with a camera.  You don't find many woods in Wales where there is grass underfoot, and the brushwood has been gathered into neat piles, ready for the wood-burning stove.

¡Qué bonito!


Martin said...

Mike, your photographs remind me of the areas of woodland, worked by my grandfather. In the late 50s one section was under flood water for some considerable time. For a long while after the water subsided, a tide mark of ghostly grey trunks and branches transformed my playground in the most magical way.

Mike C. said...


I can't seem to find them now, but your remark about the tide mark reminded me of a set of photos I saw recently of the aftermath of a flood of toxic red sludge in Hungary, that covered a huge area to a depth of 4 or 5 feet -- there were pictures fro a wood or orchard where every tree was red up to the same level, ditto the houses in the villages.